Network Security

Cyber security threats are on the rise and are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. Did you know that a single security breach could compromise your entire network and the data that resides within it? Tech Turnaround’s Network Security is a one-stop service for all of your network protection needs. We can eliminate threats that may have inadvertently been downloaded from the Internet or malicious attacks that are hidden in your networks.

Our Network Security services act as a front line of defense for your systems, keeping out malicious online threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, worms and hacker attacks.

Tech Turnaround’s Network Security solutions offer:

  • Security assessment - evaluate your network’s performance and health
  • Antivirus software - keep out viruses that threaten to bring your systems down
  • Firewall - block unauthorized access to your network
  • Virtual Private Networks - access corporate data safely and securely from a remote location
  • Wi-Fi and 4G services - use mobile devices safely throughout your office

All of these services, including regular upgrades, updates and maintenance, are available for a single flat, monthly fee. Protecting your networks has never been easier and more affordable!

Prevent threats from entering your networks

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